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Bingo is a gamble. As in other games you may either win or lose. Our advice is to enjoy game in general, and let money winning be only additional prize to your entertainment.

Although, luck is of great importance in this game there are advices, which will help you to increase your chances to win significantly. Below we will tell you about most important advices.

Avoid full rooms. If many gamblers play in a room already, your chances to win will reduce. Choose another bingo hall with a few gamblers and begin to play. Less gamblers - less chances that somebody will call out "bingo" earlier than you.

Buy more cards. Follow previous advice and buy more bingo cards. More cards - more chances to win money in bingo.

Cards at the price of 25+ cents. Try to choose bingo halls, where price of a card is not less than 25 cents. Usually, money prizes in such halls are significantly higher and it will be more pleasant to win them.

Bonuses in chats. Often chat leaders give additional bonuses for active gamblers directly in a chat window. It is not difficult to win them - just communicate in a chat of bingo room and participate in a game.

Take a break. If you are out of luck, do not give up. Make a cup of coffee, read a newspaper, just have some rest and gain strength. Getting back to the game you will see that you are in luck and your chances to win money in bingo will increase.
Bingo Liner

The game will carry you to a 3D world, where you can choose a character and walk the deck of a liner, talk to other gamblers and certainly play bingo, slot machines or poker for money.
Cyber Bingo

One of the oldest and most famous bingo rooms. This hall, which is famous for the largest winnings, offers you more than 100 games.
Ruby Bingo

Play for money in different variations of bingo (75 and 90 balls) with excellent graphics and prizes. Wide choice of bingo halls will allow to stake on from several cents to several dollars.
We collected only best bingo rooms and ways to get some more money there. If you know additional methods of how to add some more cash to the bingo account, don't hesitate to contact us at contact (at)

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